Cedar Point Offers Peek At Work Readying New Roller Coaster [PHOTOS]

CBS Detroit

SANDUSKY, Ohio (CBS Detroit) – For those who just can’t wait for summer, Cedar Point is offering a behind-the-scenes peek at work on the park’s newest thrill ride.

The photos show Derek Dice, a controls technician in the park’s maintenance division, installing connections to Rougarou’s retractable floor.

The ride, which Cedar Point touts as a “new floorless roller coaster,” will premiere this season utilizing the structure and track of the now-defunct Mantis “stand up” ride – which was scrapped due to unpopularity.  New will be a paint job and completely redesigned trains.

[Cedar Point To Remodel Mantis Roller Coaster Into Floorless ‘Rougarou’]

“There is a lot of buzz online already about our new floorless roller coaster Rougarou,” Cedar Point Public Relations Manager Bryan Edwards told CBS Detroit. “With a 145-foot-tall lift hill, four inversions, speeds of over 60 mph and more, Rougarou is going to provide a unique and thrilling ride experience.”

Work transforming Mantis to Rougarou. (credit: Cedar Point) Work transforming Mantis…

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