Kings Island-4/26/15

Tomorrow is my first amusement park trip (of many, hopefully…I AM A 17 YEAR OLD IN NEED OF A SUMMER JOB SOS) of the 2015 season! I will be attending Kings Island with my 14 year old brother, Adam (my roller coaster buddy…you’ll be hearing a lot about him), and my father. Adam and I both have Cedar Fair Platinum Passes (yay…our second year having them!), and we are buying Dad a ticket for his birthday! I’m excited! He’s not a huge coaster enthusiast, so it’s really fun, and often humorous, getting him on the more thrilling rides!

Just to give you an insight for this season, most of my amusement park adventures, especially at Cedar Point, are basically Adam and I trying to experience the best rides and experiences each park has to offer. We come up with crazy systems to beat long lines and ride every ride! Early ERT is basically our favorite thing on the planet.

Cheers to a successful day at Kings Island! I’ll be posting and updating tomorrow!
This was my dad’s “I like Vortex” face last year!
This picture is a couple of years old already, and it was taken in front of the Racer. Adam and I look a lot younger. My dad looks the same, though. 😂


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