Kings Island-4/26/15

9:30 am-It’s early ride time for platinum passholders! Adam and I rode Banshee in the last seat of the train. It was definitely a wake up call after not riding any rides for many months!

10:00 am-Adam and I rode Diamondback in the last seat. They began transferring a third train on the track (they only had two running), so we had to wait a while. Adam and I started talking about coasters and parks with one of the ride ops, Chris. He worked for Flight of Fear before Diamondback and recommended it to us, since it remains the only roller coaster in the park we have never ridden.
“Remember, don’t get bitten! It’s poisonous!” X1000000 -Other Ride Operator



11:00 am- Adam, Dad, and I rode The Beast in the back of the front car. It was epic! We then rode the Backlot Stunt Coaster.


12:00 pm-Adam, Dad, & I rode Shake Rattle & Roll and The Racer. On The Racer, they only ran the red train, and we sat in the front seats.

1:00 pm-We rode Adventure Express in the 2nd and 3rd seats. At the end tunnel, a guy took out his phone and took a picture of the monsters. It was pretty funny. Next, we rode The Bat. Regulars at Kings Island all know that it randomly stops halfway up the lift hill, so it’s always funny when someone who hasn’t been to Kings Island before screams “We’re stuck!” when it happens. Then, we rode the Vortex!



2:00 pm-When you go to Kings Island, blue ice cream is a necessity.


3:30 pm-Adam, Dad, and I rode Diamondback. It was Dad’s first time on it. He was scared at first, but he loved it! We even got our picture!


4:00 pm-Adam and I got the second seat on Banshee. Then, I rode Delirium.


4:45 pm-Adam, Dad, and I left the park.

Weather-Sunny, blue skies, around 60°



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