Cedar Point-6/3/15

ERT-9:00 a.m.-*Adam and I first arrived at the park, and then we took our first ride on Rougarou! We sat in the front seat! Honestly, it’s way better than Mantis ever was. You can honestly ENJOY the ride now, without having to sit a certain way or anything. It’s so good. Also, it seems much faster than Mantis. I’ve heard they aren’t using the trim brakes, so that could be why. The queue area is basically the same as before, and the station is similar. The new color scheme is great, too! Thumbs up for Rougarou!



(Watch a clip of Rougarou on my Facebook page!)

Next, we rode Millennium Force in the last seat. Actually, always assume that I ride Millennium Force in the last seat on the left side, because that’s my favorite spot!


9:30 a.m.-Time for Maverick! I was so excited for the new restraints, and they certainly lived up to my expectations! They are like pillows! You will never bang your head again! You can even put your hands up! Wow! I’m so impressed…and I love Maverick 10X more now!

10:00 a.m.-We rode Magnum XL 200 in the back seat, and Gemini in the third seat. Top Thrill Dragster seems to be having mechanical issues at the moment.

10:30 a.m.-Dragster tested! Hopefully it will be ready to open soon.

11:00 a.m.-We took another ride on Rougarou…this time in the last seat! It’s such a good ride! I can’t decide if I like it in the front or back more!


11:30 a.m.-We rode Iron Dragon in the middle, and Corkscrew in the back seat. Top Thrill opened and seems to be running great!


12:00 p.m.- Time for the rougher rides! We rode Mean Streak in the front, and Cedar Creek Mine Ride in the second seat.

12:30 p.m.-We rode Skyhawk, the biggest swing you will ever find!

1:30 p.m.-We had a FANTASTIC ride on Gatekeeper in the back seat on the left! It was one of my favorite rides of the day!


2:00 p.m.-We finally headed back to Top Thrill Dragster! It was our longest wait all day at around 45 minutes, but it was definitely worth it! We rode in the last seat!


3:00 p.m.-We headed to the front once more to finish up our day with Raptor (last seat), Blue Streak (front seat), Wicked Twister (single rider in the back seat), and MaXair (single rider in seat 37).

4:00 p.m.-We left the park. Wow, what a day!

Weather: About 70°, sunny and blue skies

-I spotted Bryan Edwards, Cedar Point’s PR Manager, filming something in front of Corkscrew!
-We took multiple rides on the Sky Ride throughout the day!


*I mentioned him before, but just so you are all aware, Adam is my brother, and he joins me on my Cedar Fair adventures! He is a ride warrior and a Cedar Fair passholder like me!


One thought on “Cedar Point-6/3/15

  1. Haven’t been on a coaster in a while now, but I do remember seating is important. Although I have always loved riding coasters, was never as an enthusiast nor
    as knowledgeable as you and Adam are. Kudos to you both!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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