Update #2-The Big Debate: Kings Island vs. Cedar Point

This update will be focused on the shows that both parks have to offer, and it will be completely unbiased. I must admit that I do not go to the Cedar Fair Parks to watch the shows. Therefore, I will analyze Cedar Point and Kings Island based on their show quantity and quality without having seen them myself. To be quite honest, I feel that this will give the parks a more fair judgement. If you want to check out Update #1, (comparing the rides of Cedar Point and Kings Island) it’s currently on my blog.

Cedar Point:
Cedar Point is America’s Roller Coast, yet it continues to have family fun in the form of multiple shows. For instance, Luminosity: Ignite The Night is a show that takes place after dark in Celebration Plaza on the midway. This show uses music and pyrotechnics to light up and electrify the Cedar Point atmosphere. As an audience member, you are able to be immersed in this show as singers and dancers perform around you. It seems like a fantastic show that truly allows you to be involved with other guests at the Point, and a great way to end the day.

If singing and dancing isn’t quite your thing and you need a break from all of those rides, All Wheels Extreme might be the show for you. Taking place in the afternoon, this show features bicyclists,  skaters, and gymnasts performing numerous forms of acrobatics! This is an acclaimed show, and some of the performers were even semi finalists on America’s Got Talent. This is a way you can watch the thrills instead of being a part of them! I’ve seen this show from afar, and it’s very cool and unique! You can find it on the Wicked Twister midway.

Cedar Point also has various forms of midway entertainment, such as the Beach Band and character performers.

Other shows at Cedar Point include Rockin’ Country, Lusty Lil’s Revue, and Bandstand USA. Younger children can enjoy Charlie Brown’s Funtime Frolics, Snoopy’s Sing-A-Long, and PEANUTS Celebration at the Point.

Kings Island: Kings Island has multiple new shows for 2015, including Let It Rock, Down Home Country, and Off the Charts. Each show brings favorite hits to the Kings Island stages.

To match Cedar Point’s All Wheels Extreme, Kings Island has Cirque Imagine, a show that showcases gymnastics. However, Cirque Imagine performers complete their acts on foot, unlike All Wheels Extreme.

To add to their award winning Planet Snoopy, Kings Island has the PEANUTS Party in the Park show and several meet/greets with PEANUTS characters throughout the park for younger children.

The huge bonus for Kings Island is its nightly fireworks show. Each night at closing time, Kings Island lights up the sky with fireworks, unlike its competitor, Cedar Point. The lights on the Eiffel Tower and International Street fountains only add to the nighttime spectacular!

Overall: Kings Island takes the cake for best shows. Luminosity cannot compare with the elegance and simplicity of fireworks. An argument could be made in favor of All Wheels Extreme, however Kings Island matches Cedar Point with Cirque Imagine. Kings Island likes to make things a bit Disney-esque with character meet and greets. Children and family entertainment is hugely important to Kings Island’s legacy, and they even made an effort to create three new shows this year.

Cedar Point and Kings Island are now tied! Do you agree so far? Comment below!


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