Cedar Point-7/10/15

Rides Ridden:
Millennium Force (X2), Maverick, Magnum XL 200 (X2), Rougarou (X2), Iron Dragon, Cedar Creek Mine Ride, Skyhawk, Mean Streak (X2), Cedar Point and Lake Erie Railroad (X2), Gemini, Monster, Corkscrew, Gatekeeper, Wicked Twister, Windseeker, Blue Streak, Raptor, Sky Ride


This was my first time riding Iron Dragon since the chain broke a few weeks ago. It seemed to be running extremely well.


Top Thrill Dragster seems to be having many issues lately. It was closed for most of the day, and when it finally opened, it was an 1 1/2 wait to ride it.


Being in the park for ERT is amazing. The park is almost completely vacant, and you feel like you have it all to yourself!


Speaking of ERT, Adam and I had two great runs on Millennium Force, as well as a great run on Maverick. We decided to sit in the fifth seat on Millennium once, since we have heard it’s the best seat for airtime. Unfortunately, I’d have to disagree…the last seat on the train gives me the most airtime and best ride experience!


You can always count on the CP and LE Railroad to give you great views of the park.


Hmmm…Rougarou’s lagoon looks a lot more peaceful in real life than what is shown on Cedar Point’s television advertisements!



What can I say? Rougarou is quite a photogenic coaster! Also, I must say that I’m not a fan of the assigned seating, and I think guests should be allowed to pick where they would like to sit on this ride. It isn’t as popular as Millennium Force, Top Thrill Dragster, or Maverick, and I have a feeling that they were anticipating it to be more popular.


We rode Mean Streak in the front seat twice! I’m not a huge fan of this ride if I’m sitting somewhere other than the front seat. I’m glad the lines were short enough so we could grab it.


This image was taken from Gatekeeper’s queue.

Overall, it was a fantastic trip! Not being able to hop on Dragster was a bit of a bummer, but the rest made up for it! Mean Streak Henry was doing his routine laps on Mean Streak, not a drop of rain fell, and most of the popular rides (except DragsteršŸ’©) were walk-ons! All was well!


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