Cedar Point-7/21/15

Rides Ridden:
Millennium Force, Top Thrill Dragster, Magnum XL 200, Gemini, Mean Streak, Skyhawk, Cedar Creek Mine Ride, Corkscrew, Cedar Point & Lake Erie Railroad, Rougarou, Blue Streak, Raptor, Gatekeeper, Sky Ride

Adam and I used our ERT to ride Millennium Force in the front seat. We don’t do this often, because the queue for the front seat is quite ridiculous. It’s actually the worst front-of-the-line queue at the park, in my opinion. The front seat of Dragster’s second train would be a close second.


For all of my complaining, you seriously can’t get much better than Millennium Force in the front seat. You get a wicked amount of airtime, bugs in your face, and a view that can’t be beaten. Dear nerds, you also get great views of the cable lift system.



Adam and I were just too hyped up after that cycle on Millennium, so we decided to ride Top Thrill Dragster in the front seat of the front train. Seven words: You feel like you’re going to die.


Ok, there’s more than that. I recommend to not put your arms up in the front seat. Everywhere else, go ahead…but in the front, the force of the wind will push on them a great deal. (I will probably not follow my own advice and put my hands up in the front anyway, but I advise you all to be smarter than me.)


For some reason, I get butterflies in my tummy on Corkscrew’s hills, and I don’t quite understand why.


The crowds started picking up mid-day. We were still able to ride everything in 30-45 minutes, though.

This time, we tried Gatekeeper on the right side in the back, since we normally sit on the left. Although I still like the left side better, the right side is extremely disorienting!


Raptor in the front seat is great, but it will bang your head around a ton!

I also love both of the Streaks…in the front seat. Anywhere else, I’m not a huge fan. I can actually tolerate Blue Streak anywhere, though. Mean Streak, not so much. Mean Streak’s “fun” factor only exists in the front.


Overall, it was a great day. Every time I’ve been to Cedar Point lately, there has been a slight overcast, but not this time…blue skies existed! Also, there are officially no more mayflies. đź’©



*not-so-patiently waits for Valravn announcement*


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