Wildwater Kingdom-8/5/15

This was my first time at Wildwater Kingdom. To be quite honest, I didn’t know what to expect. I knew they closed the nearby Geauga Lake amusement park years ago after big-name entertainment companies such as Six Flags, Sea World, and Cedar Fair attempted to take a handle at operating it. Since Cedar Fair kept Wildwater Kingdom open, I knew there had to be a reason why they decided to do so. Overall, I found the waterpark to be enjoyable, clean, family friendly, and entertaining for both thrill seekers and chickens alike. Cedar Fair earned another gold star for me. Remember, if you have a Cedar Fair Platinum Pass, you can get into Wildwater Kingdom for free…and bring a friend with you for no charge!


Attractions at Wildwater Kingdom:
Tidal Wave Bay: Tidal Wave Bay is Wildwater Kingdom’s wave pool. You can swim from a zero-entry area, where the waves are the smallest, all the way to a 6-foot zone, where the waves are the largest. However, I found myself being knocked around quite a bit by the waves in the shallow end of the pool. If you venture out into the deeper end, make sure you can swim well enough. The waves become rather large, and I found myself having to hold my breath most of the time I was in the 5-6 foot range. The pool is extremely large (390,000 gallons), so feel free to spread out and swim around. The waves commence approximately every ten minutes, so be prepared!

Thunder Falls: Naturally, Cedar Fair owns not only the tallest roller coasters, but also the tallest water slides. At 100 feet tall, Thunder Falls is the tallest water slide complex in Ohio. At the highest point, there are three body slides. I’ll admit that even though I’ve ridden Top Thrill Dragster dozens of times, I was a bit nervous. However, I found all three to be extremely enjoyable and thrilling. They won’t hurt your back or take your swimsuit off, but they will whip you through the curves at high speeds (Adam’s and my personal favorite happened to be the purple one). The teal and green slides are nearly identical, with multiple twists and turns.


Just a couple of stair cases below the body slides are four tube slides. The orange and red slides are nearly identical, and are enclosed until the end stretch, where you are dipped down a large hill. The blue tube slide is entirely open, and extremely thrilling since you feel as if you could topple over the side at any point (you won’t; it’s safe)! The yellow tube slide is completely enclosed and pitch black. You won’t be able to see turns and drops coming your way!

The four tube slides have their own landing pool, and the three body slides have a landing area. All seven slides give a good experience, and I would definitely go on all of them again (I actually went on the teal body slide twice)!

Splash Landing: Splash Landing is a large water feature. It includes multiple water slides and soaking mechanisms that will definitely drench you. Some of the slides can be used by adults, while others are meant for toddlers. If that’s not enough, it also has a giant bucket that dumps water every few minutes or so. There is a wading pool connected to the feature. This is a great place that the entire family can enjoy.


Riptide Run: Riptide Run is Wildwater Kingdom’s lazy river. It’s perfect for the guest who doesn’t like to/can’t walk too much. However, I must stress that this river is NOT very lazy. There are many waterfalls, water jets, and water curtains that will get you soaked. The entire family can enjoy it because it’s only 2 1/2 feet deep.

Liquid Lightning: This is Wildwater Kingdom’s “tornado” or “toilet bowl” water slide. It was actually our first ride of the day, too. Adam and I weren’t quite sure if we could go on it, since we thought we needed four people to fill the tube. We then found out that anywhere from 2-4 people are allowed to ride in one tube. Also, this was one of my favorite slides, but the wait for it was probably the longest in the park. I recommend getting in line if the line starts at least halfway up the stairs.


Coral Cove: This was the one area I didn’t venture to very much. It’s basically a pool area with fun features, such as basketball hoops and obstacles that you can climb on top of. This is a great place to take smaller children, also.

Overall, I had a great experience here. I think it is the perfect sized waterpark. It’s located on Geauga Lake, so you have a decent view. If you have small kids with you, snap a life vest on them or take them to the Little Tikes’ playground or Fossil Dig. Adults who want to relax can rest by the wave pool. Older children can try out the large variety of water slides. There’s something for everyone.

Geauga Lake
The Big Dipper is a sad sight. As many of you know, Geauga Lake has been dead for years. Many coasters enthusiasts have petitioned for its resurrection. However, I think there is a better way to go about it.


Wildwater Kingdom is basically a miniature Wyandot Lake. If Cedar Fair added just a few rides on the lake as a part of Wildwater Kingdom and resurrected the Big Dipper, that would be enough for me. Basically what I’m trying to say is that Cedar Fair should pull a pre-Zoombezi Bay and Jungle Jack’s Landing…aka Wyandot Lake. Combine the waterpark and rides. It would still be one park, Wildwater Kingdom, but Geauga Lake’s amusement park history would be recognized in a small way, without Cedar Fair having to go above and beyond to resurrect a park that could potentially fail again. The Big Dipper would become the new Sea Dragon…a stand alone coaster close to a few flat rides.

What do you think? Do you like Wildwater Kingdom? Should Geauga Lake be resurrected completely, abandoned as is, or should Cedar Fair go the Wyandot Lake route?


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