Update #3-The Big Debate: Kings Island vs. Cedar Point

Welcome to update #3 of the Kings Island vs. Cedar Point series. The first two updates have been posted. This update will feature the parks’ location. This will include its physical location in Ohio and the park layout.

Cedar Point: Cedar Point sits on a peninsula on Lake Erie in Sandusky, Ohio. Not only does Cedar Point have a huge collection of roller coasters to look at; it has a boastful view of nothing but water surrounding it…in certain areas. Cedar Point strategically placed their beaches on the “nothing except Lake Erie over the horizon” side of the peninsula. If the beaches were on the side where Millennium Force stands, the only thing you would get a good view of would be Sandusky…which isn’t a very good view, to be honest. The lake offers killer sunsets over the park, and a chance to cool off/relax at some point throughout the day. The only real problem with Cedar Point being on a peninsula is expansion issues. The Point can only build so much on a certain amount of land that they can’t really expand…but they haven’t let us down yet. Hopefully I can say the same in the future.

Cedar Point has a decent park layout. It could be better. First off, there are three children’s areas. Two of them are pretty close to each other (Kiddy Kingdom, Planet Snoopy), while the other is nearly halfway across the park (Camp Snoopy). I’m sorry, but that won’t cut it…a lot of little kids hate walking a ton. They’ll get cranky and want a stroller or wagon…on an extremely crowded midway.

Second of all, Mean Streak is completely off of the beaten path, and there should be at least another ride or two back there. If you want people to actually ride one of your least popular roller coasters, there should be something to draw you in…an attraction. It shouldn’t be pushed into a corner and forgotten about. Cedar Point should celebrate the ride and try to resurrect its fame.

Kings Island: Unlike Cedar Point, Kings Island is surrounded by the thru way and lots of trees, and it is located near Cincinnati in Mason, Ohio. Kings Island did a great job of utilizing their large amount of trees. The Beast, one of the most acclaimed wooden coasters of all time, is a terrain coaster and is made to fit the land perfectly. Its twists, turns, and drops are in the midst of, you guessed it, trees. They really give the park a mysterious atmosphere. Maybe that’s why R.L. Stein made The Beast haunted.

Kings Island has a great park layout. Its coasters are (almost) all in a fashion that you can just keep hopping from one to another in an orderly fashion. (I can tell you are thinking it through now: Invertigo, The Bat, Banshee, Adventure Express, The Racer, Flight of Fear, Firehawk, Vortex, The Beast, Diamondback…) Yes, The Bat’s queue is a hike. Yes, Diamondback’s “Rivertown” location is basically Planet Snoopy. Well, not everything can be perfect, can it?

Overall: I’ll have to go with Cedar Point. Maybe I’m a little biased since it’s closer to me…but I absolutely love the lake location. It sets off a fantastic atmosphere for a great day at the park. It even adds more entertainment options…you can’t go swimming in a bunch of trees. Both parks’ layouts are similar, with roller coasters packed together with family rides in between. However, the Cedar Point experience feels more unique overall.


2 thoughts on “Update #3-The Big Debate: Kings Island vs. Cedar Point

    1. Thanks! I’m glad! Kings Island and Cedar Point are very similar since the same company owns them, but Cedar Point has slightly more to offer in my opinion. You should definitely check it out if you go back to Ohio!

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