Cedar Point-8/16/15

Rides Ridden:
Millennium Force, Maverick, Magnum XL 200 (X2), Corkscrew, Iron Dragon, Rougarou, Top Thrill Dragster, Gemini, Mean Streak, Cedar Creek Mine Ride, Skyhawk, Raptor, Blue Streak, Windseeker, Wicked Twister, Gatekeeper, Sky Ride


It was a beautiful, blue sky day, but it was a hot one. The park became crowded around the middle of the day since it was a Sunday. Adam and I were still able to ride most of the rides, and we were able do so within 45 minutes. If you stay at a Cedar Point resort or have a season pass, you must take advantage of early ride time (ERT), because that’s when you can hit Millennium and Maverick with little to no wait! Don’t waste your ERT on Raptor, Rougarou, or Gatekeeper…you can ride them later in the day and not wait for a long time.


After the extremely unfortunate incident of a man passing away after being struck by the ride just a few days ago, Raptor was completely operational. I took a ride on the Sky Ride, and did see an out-of-place dirt pile in the restricted section of Raptor, but it did not look alarming. There was nothing out of the ordinary on the ride itself. There have been many warning signs placed on the fences of the restricted sections (many of them look new.)




Adam and I decided to ride Magnum XL 200 in the front seat. To be quite honest, it hurts your legs as much as Mantis did, and I do not recommend it. In my opinion, Cedar Point should obtain B&M’s hypercoaster clamshell trains for Magnum. I absolutely love the coaster, but I feel like I would enjoy it more if it was a little more comfortable. If Steel Force can have B&M trains, then Magnum can, too!


I raced Adam on the Gemini and won…go blue train!


I have a newfound love for Windseeker. It’s a really tall ride that plays epic movie scores. You can cool off on it during a really hot day at the park. What more could you ask for?

Yesterday’s visit to Cedar Point was most likely my last of the summer. Cedar Point’s 2016 announcement has been postponed for the time being, but I will stay tuned and possibly post about it when it comes! Are you excited? Do you still think it’s a dive coaster named Valravn, or do you think they changed its name due to its dark nature?



One thought on “Cedar Point-8/16/15

  1. Correction-I meant Steel Dragon instead of Steel Force when I was discussing Magnum. I seem to always get those coasters’ names mixed up, even though one is at Dorney and the other is in Japan!


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