Update #5-The Big Debate: Kings Island vs. Cedar Point

Welcome to the final update of “The Big Debate!” So far, Cedar Point and Kings Island are tied. This post will decide which park wins the debate. See my other four updates, especially update #1, for more details.

This update will focus on summer employee options and accommodations. This update is more of a research project for me, as I am pleased to announce that I will be applying for a job at Cedar Point for next summer. I hope you enjoy this last update.

Cedar Point: Not only are you able to get in for free at America’s Roller Coast, you get paid for it, too! Cedar Point summer employees are offered multiple accomodations, such as housing, access to a Recreation Center, exclusive ride nights, special trips, and college credit in some instances.

To receive housing, you must be a legal adult and live 30 miles or farther from Cedar Point. Once you live at Cedar Point, rent is taken out of your paycheck every two weeks, so you do not have to worry whether you have saved enough or not to remain living there. There is also shuttle transportation provided to/from housing.

Employee ride nights are sometimes held, where employees can ride their favorite rides after watching guests ride them all day. Ride operators are required to test the rides before the park opens, also.

Cedar Point employees are able to take trips to Chicago, New York, and other places while they are off duty and on Cedar Point grounds, also.

Kings Island: Kings Island does not offer the same accommodations as Cedar Point, although they are both within the Cedar Fair chain. For example, Kings Island does not offer on-property housing, and you must be a Cincinnati local if you wish to work there. Kings Island employees do, however, receive free admission to the park.

Kings Island’s employee section on their website is very detailed and has a description of each job offered, unlike Cedar Point. When applying for a job at Kings Island, you will have a clear idea of what each job entails, and you will know what you’re getting into.

Overall: Cedar Point has better employee accommodations. They are able to house students from foreign countries, as well as students that live far away in our own country.

You may be wondering why I made this an article topic for “The Big Debate,” and here is my reasoning: better employee accommodations leads to happy employees, which leads to happy guests, which in turn leads to a great park experience.

Although I dearly love both parks, Cedar Point has taken the crown on having a slight edge over Kings Island in “The Big Debate.” Its rides, location, and employee accommodations have beaten out Kings Island’s, while Kings Island has slightly better shows and food options than Cedar Point.

Thank you for reading/following this series!


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