Cedar Point finally announced their new addition to the park for 2016 on 9/9/15. 2016. As many coaster enthusiasts had expected, Cedar Point’s new installment is a dive coaster trademarked under the name of “Valravn.” However, Valravn is not just any dive coaster…it will be the tallest, longest, and fastest dive coaster in the world. The coaster will stand at nearly 230 ft and reach speeds up to 75 mph. The track length will stretch 3,415 ft. There will also be 3 inversions, which happens to be the most amount of inversions on any dive coaster built yet. Valravn will have 3 rows of 8 seats with Gatekeeper and Banshee-like, and it will have an orange track with blue supports.

I’m looking forward to this supernatural bird coming to Cedar Point. It will make a fine addition to the park’s roller coaster collection. Many coaster enthusiasts are complaining that Valravn doesn’t look quite “big and bad” enough for Cedar Point, but to be quite honest, I do not understand this complaint. It’s a record-breaking ride in 10 different ways (literally), and it looks as if other dive coasters, such as Griffon, won’t even compare. If the 214 ft drop isn’t enough, there will be a 165 ft Immelman loop right after. If coaster enthusiasts are looking for a Leviathan or Fury 325 at Cedar Point, they will be extremely disappointed. Although manufactured by Intamin, Millennium Force mirrors both coasters and continues to surpass both on the ranking charts. Plus, Valravn will most likely decrease wait times of extremely popular rides, such as Millennium Force, Maverick, and Top Thrill Dragster. Cedar Point is aiming for variety and uniqueness, and so is B&M. They wanted their 100th coaster to stand out from the rest, so they chose Valravn.

Who’s looking forward to 2016? I certainly am. Valravn looks like it packs quite a punch.

Since (for the obvious reason that it is not built) I do not any photos of Valravn yet, have an amazingly drawn version of Valravn from Cedar Point PR via Snapchat:



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