On Sunday, May 8th, I went to the Valravn World Premiere at Cedar Point. Valravn is Cedar Point’s newest roller coaster. It is the tallest (223 ft), fastest (75 mph), and longest (3,415 ft) dive coaster in the world, so naturally, there is a lot of hype. With the addition of Valravn, Cedar Point boasts an impressive 5 roller coasters over the height of 200 ft.

Since I am a Cedar Fair Platinum Passholder, I fortunately have access to early ride time. As soon as we got into the park around 9, Adam and I headed straight to Valravn. Unfortunately, everyone else was headed there as well.

We had to wait a little while before we were even able to enter the queue, but overall, our wait time was only approximately one hour. Once we were inside the queue, the line moved very quickly. The crowds were very minimal, and Valravn was our longest wait all day.

There’s always the thrill of riding a new roller coaster. I’ve been on Millennium a couple dozen times and Magnum even more than that. I ride the coasters more for the fun and not the terror at this point, because I know what to expect. However, as soon as a new ride comes, that all changes. It becomes the fear of the unknown that I had all of the time when I first started riding coasters back in 2011.

I will ride anything, and when I say anything, I mean anything, so there was a 0% chance of me not riding Valravn. However, watching that pause before the 90 degree drop was a little intimidating…


At the station, Adam and I were assigned to the last (back) row. Once we were secure in the Banshee-Gatekeeper-every new B&M inverted coaster restraints, the floor dropped beneath us and we were ready to go. The lift hill is extremely steep and adds to the suspense, but nothing adds to the suspense more than the top of the hill. Once you get to the top, the train stops just before descending the 90 degree drop. Those few seconds of nothing are terrifying! I had no idea when we were going to drop, but it comes. I mentally compared it to the first time I rode Dragster with the pit in my stomach, having absolutely no idea when it was going to launch.

So then came the best part…the drop. The drop was insane, especially since we were in the back seat. It felt like Maverick’s drop on steroids (although Maverick is five degrees steeper.)

The three inversions were incredible as well. Because of the design of the train, you really zip through them. The immelmann is the first inversion which comes right out of the drop, and you are at the top speed at that point. There is a dive loop directly after the mid-course brake run, and a b-roll at the end. The b-roll was my absolute favorite, since the train has lost much speed by this point of the ride and you really feel like you’re upside down.


Valravn is an excellent addition to Cedar Point and my favorite B&M coaster at the park (although I do absolutely love Gatekeeper.) Now, I actually understand why Valravn’s specific model is called a “dive coaster.” It really does feel like you are diving through the air like a bird. Wait a second…a valravn is a bird. Perfect theming. But, uh, can we get a splashdown like Griffon please?

The location of Valravn is perfect,  I might add! The area where Calypso (now Tiki Twirl) used to be is no longer a dead end and wraps around to the main midway. Valravn’s queue is exactly where Calypso once stood…right next to Blue Streak! This ride was much needed in that area. Sorry, Good Time Theater. I’m glad things were, well, valrevamped.

I love Cedar Point special events. They gave us Valravn crowns for the World Premiere!

valravn lift

Valravn Tips

  • DON’T get FastLane just to skip the line on Valravn. The line moves quick. You will have wasted your money.
  • DO ride Valravn during any ERT you can get.
  • DON’T expect to sit wherever you want! The ride hosts will most likely assign you a seat due to the popularity of the ride.
  • DO plan before riding. Valravn is unique and has three rows of eight seats, whereas most rides at Cedar Point seat 2 or 4 across.

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