Cedar Point-5/22/16

Rides Ridden:

Valravn, Millennium Force, Magnum XL 200, Corkscrew, Top Thrill Dragster, Blue Streak, Gemini, Gatekeeper, Pipe Scream, Tilt-a-Whirl, Super Himalaya, Mean Streak, Cedar Creek Mine Ride, Rougarou, Raptor, Sky Ride

Sundays are for fun-days at at America’s Roller Coast!


Weather: 68 degrees, scattered clouds

No, I didn’t get to ride Maverick again. I got in line for it, but it broke down right away. It will be ridden next time; I promise!

Magnum was particularly violent:

  1. It cracked my phone. Great.
  2. Somebody puked on it, and we had to wait while the ride ops cleaned it up.

Magnum still remains my 4th favorite ride, but yikes!

Mean Streak opened again!

We rode Gatekeeper in the front seat on the left side and Raptor in the front seat. In my opinion, B&Ms are best in the front.

I rode Valravn a second time! The line was short, since it was our first ride for early ride time. We sat in the middle row this time, and I liked it even more than the back row.


This blog post is dedicated to my dad. Adam and I took him to Cedar Point for Father’s Day, and he rode Valravn and Top Thrill Dragster with us for the first time! 


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