Cedar Point-6/14/16

Rides Ridden:

Valravn, Gatekeeper (left), Gatekeeper (right), Raptor, Blue Streak, Sky Ride, Top Thrill Dragster (X2), Magnum XL 200 (X2), Gemini, Mean Streak, Maverick, Rougarou, CP & LE Railroad


That’s right, no Millennium. The wait was 2 hours all day, and Adam and I don’t wait that long for any ride…no matter how good it is. We’ll get on it a couple of times during ERT next visit. That being said, there were very minimal crowds all day, which made Millennium’s queue length seem rather odd.

ERT proved itself valuable yet again. Valravn and Maverick were 10 minute waits at most. I don’t stress this enough: If you have a Platinum Pass, utilize your early ride hour.

Even with Top Thrill Dragster breaking on multiple occasions and its ride ops feeling the need to transfer trains every 5 minutes, we were still able to ride Dragster twice. On the second round, we grabbed the front seat!

top thrill

Why Magnum twice? Everyone needs to ride Magnum XL 200 as many times as they can, because it’s so darn fun. See where it ranks on this list.

Spotted: Mean Streak Henry making his rounds on Mean Streak! Adam and I rode front seat on one of his many laps!


Speaking of Mean Streak, there are bright pink/orange markings on most of the cement bases to the supports…



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