Cedar Point-7/7/16

Here we go: my Cedar Point “Round 6” trip report! That’s right, New Facebook Admin Adam and I have swung around the peninsula six times already. The frequent trips will be missed while I am in Disney, and my frequent early morning presence at Valravn will be no more. (However, there is always Sheikra…not that I am hinting at anything…)

This was the hottest trip to Cedar Point by far this 2016 coaster season. It was 90 degrees and ridiculously humid. It was so hot that I even rode a water ride, and I literally never do that. Crowds were incredibly low. Can Ohio not handle hot Thursdays?


Rides Ridden

Top Thrill Dragster, Millennium Force, Valravn, Blue Streak, Raptor, Gatekeeper, Wicked Twister, MaXair (X2), Windseeker, Sky Ride (X2), Power Tower shot (X2), Power Tower drop (X6), Corkscrew, Gemini, Mean Streak, Maverick, Snake River Falls, Rougarou, Magnum XL 200


This was the first time I rode Snake River Falls, and the ride was exactly how I expected it to be. You go up a hill, through a tunnel, down the hill, and you get soaked. It was enjoyable, and if there is ever a ridiculously hot day again, that will be my go-to ride. In 2012, I rode Thunder Canyon, and I will probably never ride it again unless I am wearing a bathing suit. On Snake River Falls, you get soaked. On Thunder Canyon, you get drenched.

Power Tower became a big hit with Adam. I finally was able to wrangle him on it, so we rode it numerous times. It’s one of those rides that still gives even the toughest of thrill seekers the “plummet” in the stomach. I love drop rides, and I especially love the drop tower at Kings Island. That discussion is for the future, though.


-If you are wondering which side to ride on Power Tower:

The shot side is thrilling, but more appropriate for beginners wanting to “test” the ride. If you enjoy the shot side and desire a larger thrill, the drop side is definitely for you. However, be warned. Although the wait is almost always minimal for both sides, the drop side has a longer wait time.

Can you guess which queue this shot was taken from? Comment below!



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