Kings Island-7/19/16

Rides Ridden:

Banshee (X5), The Bat, Drop Tower (X2), Adventure Express, The Racer, Flight of Fear, Firehawk, Windseeker, Vortex (X2), Backlot Stunt Coaster, The Beast (X2), Diamondback (X3)


I love Kings Island, and I love Kings Island almost as much as Cedar Point. International Street sends your brain to Disney. The long walk to The Bat that showcases the remnants of the Son of Beast throws a bit of mystery in the air. The boardwalk-style midways in Coney Mall send you to the carnival. Then, of course, there’s the roaring Rivertown where all of the snakes and beasts lurk. The atmosphere at Kings Island is nearly perfect, and quite frankly, Cedar Point could take a few notes.


Flight of Fear:

As seen live on the Hannah In The Parks Facebook page, I had never ridden Flight of Fear prior to this trip. I deeply regret that. The ride is absolutely fantastic. My stomach is very used to the coasters at this point, even most new ones, but my stomach was absolutely not accustomed to Flight of Fear. As soon as the train is launched at 55 mph, it literally feels as if you are plummeting into a black abyss. I got the butterflies. Apparently, Flight of Fear also takes riders upside down four times. I think I can only recall one inversion; I had no idea what was happening.

Other than the fact that it is a great ride, there is a reason that it is so popular: its queue. The queue is indoors like the ride, so it is therefore air conditioned. Since it is air conditioned, it always has a ridiculously long line during the hot summers, and that is why I have never ridden Flight of Fear before this day. It’s all cause and effect, and my decision to not ride it until now really had nothing to do with the ride itself. Thank goodness for early ride time!

Early ride time, though. Why is it only  half an hour and only on two rides? Cedar Point’s early ride system is consistent, offers multiple ride options, and lasts a whole hour. At Kings Island, sometimes it’s on Banshee, sometimes it’s on The Beast, sometimes it’s on Firehawk, etc. It depends on the month. Maybe it will change for 2017, but Kings Island needs a better ERT system.


No line for Banshee meant it was time to shoot up the Banshee count! I even got to ride it in the front, middle, and back. I forgot how great Banshee really is. The hill is a killer and really gets you going through all of those inversions. I must say that going upside-down 35 times in a row got me dizzy…not to mention that final barrel roll makes you feel as if you’re not the right side up for a whole minute. I also really enjoy the pretzel element; it’s a fresh alternative to the cobra roll that is on all of those other B&M inverts.

The Beast

In general, wooden roller coasters are not my favorite, and I much prefer steel roller coasters. The Beast is that exception, however. That continuous downhill slope that hugs the land throughout the entire ride packs in a real thrill without making you wish you were wrapped in bubble wrap. I was able to ride The Beast in the first and last seats. Sure, The Beast is ridiculously jerky and tosses you around like a boomerang, but the ride is so much fun that it all becomes a part of the experience. The two lift hills, double helix, and tunnels make this ride so special, and I hope that The Beast remains a staple of Kings Island for many years to come, even though it has already served many years. This would be the only wooden roller coaster I would be legitamately upset about getting the GCI or RMC treatment…



Let’s be honest, The Beast is so legendary that it will never get an “enhancer” treatment done to it…but let’s look at Kings Island’s 2017 plans for a moment. On July 28th, 2016 at 10:00pm, Kings Island will announce their 2017 project. Kings Island thinks they are a bunch of sneaksters, but coaster enthusiasts, including myself, have a pretty darn good idea of what it is:

  1. There have been signs everywhere warning guests to “watch for falling trees.” Wood comes from trees, therefore, it is a wooden roller coaster.



2. Coaster Studios released this photo. Is it real? I’m not sure. But friends, I think a GCI            is extremely possible…especially with the land that KI has to work with back there in            Rivertown.


Photo credit: Coaster Studios

3. Construction is well underway, and many trees have already fallen.

Do you think Kings Island is planning a Ghost Rider-esque GCI? Let me know in the comments!


Diamondback is my favorite roller coaster at Kings Island…most likely because it was the roller coaster that got me into liking roller coasters. The hills are fantastic. The splashdown is unique. The open-style seating arrangement is comfortable. The airtime is literally non-stop. In fact, did you know that Diamondback has clocked in as having the most airtime on any roller coaster in the world? Now, I’m not sure how officials measure that…but…


Son of Beast

The station is still there, the queue is still there, and I regret never having the opportunity to ride this coaster!


Tune into Hannah In The Parks’ Facebook page for updates on the #KI2017 announcement!







One thought on “Kings Island-7/19/16

  1. Excellent review! Can’t hardly wait til the announcement for project2017! Just imagine what it will be like to have 3 great coasters at KI within a short walk. Looking forward to 2017.

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