Cedar Point-7/26/16

Rides Ridden:

Valravn, Millennium Force, Maverick, Magnum XL 200 (X2), Witches’ Wheel (X2), Gemini, Mean Streak, Rougarou, Wicked Twister, Power Tower (drop side-X2), Power Tower (shot side), Corkcrew, Gatekeeper, Blue Streak, Raptor, Sky Ride, CP & LE Railroad, Windseeker

Look at this fake-looking picture I took of Lake Erie from Wicked Twister’s queue. So photoshop-esque. So great.


This trip to Cedar Point was extra special; Adam and I hit the week mark! You read that right…Adam and I have spent 1 week at Cedar Point in 2016. Round 7 was a blast, but we had to skip out on Top Thrill Dragster this time. Since this was likely my last time at Cedar Point for the season, I paid extra special attention to some future possibilities for the Point, including the future of some roller coasters:

Top Thrill Dragster

Let’s talk about the “Eiffel Tower of Sandusky” (as Bert The Conqueror notes), shall we? As much as I hate to say it, Top Thrill Dragster is becoming a disguised problem for Cedar Point. It’s a disguised problem, because guests don’t see the problem themselves. They love the ride, and nothing can beat that 17-second “race for the sky.” My proof in that statement is that Top Thrill Dragster still reaches wait times exceeding an hour, even if it’s 13 years after its debut…

13 years after its debut. Top Thrill Dragster is aging, and it is not aging well. Top Thrill Dragster has been down for “mechanical reasons” almost every single day that I have been to Cedar Point this season. In fact, I do not remember the last day when Dragster was not inoperable for some type of reason. Not only does this mildly inconvenience guests (including myself), but it must also cost a fortune for Cedar Point to keep Dragster in tip-top shape.  Well, they try to keep it in tip-top shape.

In conclusion, the fans are what keeps Top Thrill Dragster alive! If Dragster was not as popular as it is, it would be much easier to take the ride out instead of constantly maintaining it. Do I think Top Thrill Dragster will lose its popularity steam? No. However, the years will drag on, and something bigger and better may happen. If that becomes the case, Top Thrill Dragster will become a mere memory.

As you may have guessed, Adam and I did not ride Top Thrill Dragster because it was down for mechanical reasons almost the entire day.

Witches’ Wheel

I have been regularly attending Cedar Point since 2012. Each visit, I would skip by the Witches’ Wheel. I was always mildly interested, but never enough to actually ride it. It was just that ride.

Round 7 brought me the Witches’ Wheel…surprise!

It was a very enjoyable ride and somewhat relaxing. It honestly feels as if you are continuously riding a roller coaster loop. The thrill of it was how dizzy you are when you get off!



Cedar Point recently announced that it will make its 2017 announcement on August 1st, 2016. In accordance with that, I have two predictions for the coming year, and both predictions were slightly affected by Round 7.

#1 Soak City Expansion

With the elimination of the go-karts and Skyscraper, Challenge Park should be renamed “Ghost Town.” I predict that RipCord will be relocated to the main park while Challenge Golf will be removed. This will make room for a “Tropical Plunge” (at Kings Island) type of water slide complex to be added to Cedar Point’s Soak City. Soak City is in dire need of an upgrade, and this is partially due to the additional price guests must pay in order to receive admission into the water park. Dragster H2O just doesn’t cut it as the baddest attraction anymore.

As I was climbing the lift on Magnum, I noticed that not even RipCord was operating. What kind of “Challenge” Park is that? Seeing only one attraction in operation, Challenge Golf, sealed the deal for me believing that major changes are coming to that sector in 2017.

#2 Mean Streak Remodel

Y’all knew this one was coming. There have been teasers everywhere, including a stone-made Mean Streak sign behind the queue, stating “Mean Streak 1991.” There are pink markers all over the concrete bases of the supports. And, hey, here’s the biggest teaser: Nobody ever rides Mean Streak. It hurts, it’s not fun, and it makes you wish you were just on a simple mine ride instead.

Mean Streak is in the farthest right corner of the park, and I believe that its location accounts for some of its low ridership. However, it’s just a plain bad coaster. Don’t get me wrong, Adam and I ride it almost every time we go to Cedar Point…but mainly because it’s going to get the shaft soon. From the brakes on the huge hills to the mere split-second of airtime, it’s an absolute waste of wood.

If Mantis got the Rougarou treatment, then Mean Streak is on its way. Actually, I’m not sure what is more painful: Mantis or Mean Streak? Let’s put it this way: I’ve left both rides thinking “never again.”

During Round 7, Adam and I were up for a change. We always ride Mean Streak in the front seat, because that is where it is least painful and the most enjoyable. This time, though, we dared ourselves to ride Mean Streak in the very. last. seat. I’m not going to lie; I almost chickened out…

-Why didn’t I chicken out?

Before the ride, we were joking around because we just knew that it was going to hurt. After the ride, Adam hit his back so many times on the seat and I hit my leg so many times on the side that I thought I was actually a time traveler who had gotten to experience the Son of Beast in its loop days. It was that bad.

So, what will happen to Mean Streak? I believe it will become a GCI remake. Everyone, say hello to the CP ’17 (or ’18…I’m thinking Soak City is more likely next year) announcement, Mystic “Mean Streak” Timbers.

Don’t even get me started on Mystic Timbers. That is a blog post for another day. So, tell me! What are your thoughts on #CP2017?



3 thoughts on “Cedar Point-7/26/16

  1. Great report on a comprehensive visit/ I have yet to ride TTD but plan to on my next visit mid-August. Just hope that I can catch it actually operational. MEAN STREAK was as the name implies, MEAN from day 1. It was a rougher ride than BEAST but still not as bad as SOB. Now it is much worse than SOB ever was. Last time that I rode MEAN STREAK, it had not been operational for several days. I took a seat in the front of the second car. Initially I had great difficulty even getting the seat belt secured. The attendant informed me that I needed to stand up to fasten the belt.At the end of the ride I couldn’t unfasten the seat belt because it had gotten twisted and I couldn’t reach the release button. after much struggling I was able to release the belt. don’t understand why the mating buckle is so short. I swore that I would never ride again until something is done to improve it. But I probably will still do it. I think that I have short term pain memory.

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  2. I totally agree about Cedar Point’s 2017 plan being either a Soak City expansion or Mean Streak refurbishment. A third possibility would be for the park to put a family coaster on the former Shoot the Rapids site. Who knows. I personally hope that Mean Streak is getting the RMC treatment. It seems likely that this upcoming announcement is to notify the public that the coaster is closing so they can get in their last rides similar to Mantis. Then, during the Golden Ticket Awards, they’ll probably make their full announcement while they can get extra press. Who knows? I guess we’ll find out soon!

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