Top 10 Things That Could Have Been In The Shed

4/13/17: Today was Media Day for the much anticipated wooden coaster, Mystic Timbers, at Kings Island. Members of coaster clubs and news crews from all around the area got their first glimpses and rides on the new coaster. Even though its height is a towering 109′, the speed clocks in at 53 mph, and it has a superb S-curve element, that’s not what has really drawn coaster enthusiasts (like myself) in. Mystic Timbers ends where riders roll into a mysterious “shed.” What’s in the shed? Exactly. Cedar Fair has been probing this question at us since the day the new ride was announced. The entire Mystic Timbers campaign has revolved around #whatsintheshed.

I’ll admit, I already know what’s in the shed based on some not-so-quiet media companies. I’ll admit, what’s actually there is nowhere near as extravagant as I thought it would be. We coasters fans had some pretty crazy ideas when it came to #whatsintheshed. Here are some of the wacky things that I thought could be in the shed based on other enthusiasts’ ideas and my own:


#1: A Drop Track

I really thought this one was plausible. Darkmare at Cinecitta World has one!

#2: An Animatronic Man With A Chain Saw

I thought it would go with the theming pretty well…and at least freak out the little kids!

#3: A REAL MAN With A Chain Saw

You know…kind of like a haunted house vibe! Halloweekends is a staple at Kings Island. I thought maybe they could do a “Halloweekends year-round” thing.

#4: You’re Just Going To Die

No explanation necessary.

#5: The BEAST!!!

The real thing. The real “Beast!”

#6: The SON OF BEAST!!!

Because Kings Island needs another reminder.

#7: My Mom Yelling At Me To Get Out Of The Woods Because It’s Dinnertime

See #4.

#8: The Adventure Express Monsters

*clenches fists and moves arms up and down angrily*

#9: The Loop From Son Of Beast

What did Kings Island actually do with all of that steel?

#10: A Launch Either Forward Or Backward

A traditional lift hill and then a launch!


2 thoughts on “Top 10 Things That Could Have Been In The Shed

  1. All good options,but not a reality. Will be there tonight for Season Pass Preview. Report to follow.
    Great post, Hannah! I am anxious to read all the updates on KICENTRAL concerning MYSTIC for OPENING DAY!


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