It is no secret that many different companies, departments, engineering experts, and managers are involved with the creation of a new roller coaster such as Steel Vengeance at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio. There are many possible ways in which roller coaster layouts can be originally thought of, but here is one speculation for how designers lit the lightbulbs in their heads for Steel Vengeance:

One day, as Rocky Mountain Construction (RMC) was considering how to reinvent the former wooden Mean Streak roller coaster, a ride designer was eating a salad during his lunch break. The designer looked at the fork, and determined that the layout of the new ride should be in the shape of a fork. He thought it would be extremely innovative, considering Cedar Point is constantly trying to break records.

He was so excited that he ran around the break room yelling, “This fork is for Steel Vengeance!”

This particular ride designer was an intern, however. He had little experience. After sitting in the break room and doing basic calculations, he realized a fork roller coaster layout design may be virtually impossible.

When a more experienced ride designer heard the intern struggling in the RMC office break room, he lifted his spoon from his applesauce as if to say something. That is when the intern changed his mindset.

“What if we keep Steel Vengeance’s layout in an out-and-back spoon shape, while also keeping it fork-like in that the tracks will run parallel to each other in some spots, like the prongs of a fork,” he thought out loud.

//Cedar Point

The intern then realized that he could be innovative and break records while still working off of Mean Streak’s former structure.

That is the very beginning of how Steel Vengeance came to look today.

How did the above random guess of Steel Vengeance’s origins come to fruition?

When Hannah Tokasz, the Theme Park Doctor’s theme park doctor, was eating lunch with a fork, the only thing she had on her mind was Steel Vengeance. The pure, shiny steel of the fork reminded her of the smooth, steel track that she would be riding on in the upcoming month of May as a 2018 Cedar Fair Platinum Passholder. The prongs of the fork reminded her of the queue she would be weaving through, or maybe, perhaps, the layout of a crazy roller coaster she had ridden. Yes, the spires of Wicked Twister definitely came to mind, and thus, the idea of a fork layout was born. Maybe roller coasters were designed based on completely ordinary circumstances before the engineering, finances, and development were involved. She thought that if this fork was a roller coaster, it would indeed be the best fork ever.


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