Cedar Point-7/26/16

Rides Ridden: Valravn, Millennium Force, Maverick, Magnum XL 200 (X2), Witches’ Wheel (X2), Gemini, Mean Streak, Rougarou, Wicked Twister, Power Tower (drop side-X2), Power Tower (shot side), Corkcrew, Gatekeeper, Blue Streak, Raptor, Sky Ride, CP & LE Railroad, Windseeker Look at this fake-looking picture I took of Lake Erie from Wicked Twister’s queue. So photoshop-esque. […]

Kings Island-7/19/16

Rides Ridden: Banshee (X5), The Bat, Drop Tower (X2), Adventure Express, The Racer, Flight of Fear, Firehawk, Windseeker, Vortex (X2), Backlot Stunt Coaster, The Beast (X2), Diamondback (X3) I love Kings Island, and I love Kings Island almost as much as Cedar Point. International Street sends your brain to Disney. The long walk to The […]

Cedar Point-7/7/16

Here we go: my Cedar Point “Round 6” trip report! That’s right, New Facebook Admin Adam and I have swung around the peninsula six times already. The frequent trips will be missed while I am in Disney, and my frequent early morning presence at Valravn will be no more. (However, there is always Sheikra…not that […]

Cedar Point-6/24/16

Rides Ridden: Valravn, Millennium Force (X2), Top Thrill Dragster, Mean Streak, Blue Streak, Raptor, Gatekeeper (X3), Rougarou, Wicked Twister, MaXair, Magnum XL 200, CP & LE Railroad, Skyride, Corkscrew, Gemini, Windseeker No lines for ANYTHING?! Yes, please. Gatekeeper wasn’t a walk-on; it was a run-on. Millennium’s line was on the ramp all day. Top Thrill […]

Cedar Point-6/14/16

Rides Ridden: Valravn, Gatekeeper (left), Gatekeeper (right), Raptor, Blue Streak, Sky Ride, Top Thrill Dragster (X2), Magnum XL 200 (X2), Gemini, Mean Streak, Maverick, Rougarou, CP & LE Railroad That’s right, no Millennium. The wait was 2 hours all day, and Adam and I don’t wait that long for any ride…no matter how good it […]

Cedar Point-6/1/16

Rides Ridden: Millennium Force, Maverick, Top Thrill Dragster (2X), Magnum XL 200, Gemini, Gatekeeper (right), Raptor, Mean Streak, Rougarou, Valravn, Blue Streak, Corkscrew, Sky Ride, CP & LE Railroad At 9:00 am when the park opened for passholders, Adam and I were two of the first to arrive at Valravn. Unfortunately, Valravn was having some […]

Top 10 Roller Coasters at Cedar Point and Kings Island

1. Millennium Force (Cedar Point) Watch Millennium Force here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jbXPhOFRxTc Well, Millennium is Amusement Park Today’s Best Steel Roller Coaster in the World…again. The world’s first Giga coaster is as popular as ever, and here’s why: Millennium Force is one of the tallest and fastest roller coasters in the world at 310 ft tall and 93 mph. While plummeting […]

Cedar Point-5/22/16

Rides Ridden: Valravn, Millennium Force, Magnum XL 200, Corkscrew, Top Thrill Dragster, Blue Streak, Gemini, Gatekeeper, Pipe Scream, Tilt-a-Whirl, Super Himalaya, Mean Streak, Cedar Creek Mine Ride, Rougarou, Raptor, Sky Ride Sundays are for fun-days at at America’s Roller Coast! Weather: 68 degrees, scattered clouds No, I didn’t get to ride Maverick again. I got […]

Cedar Point-5/8/16

Rides Ridden: Valravn, Pipe Scream, Balloon Race, Gemini, Cedar Creek Mine Ride, CP & LE Railroad, Rougarou, Millennium Force, Scrambler, Troika, Matterhorn, Raptor, Gatekeeper, Blue Streak, Iron Dragon To read my review on Valravn and the World Premiere experience, see my Valreview. To take advantage of Cedar Point’s bring-a-friend discount, the whole fam when to Cedar Point […]


On Sunday, May 8th, I went to the Valravn World Premiere at Cedar Point. Valravn is Cedar Point’s newest roller coaster. It is the tallest (223 ft), fastest (75 mph), and longest (3,415 ft) dive coaster in the world, so naturally, there is a lot of hype. With the addition of Valravn, Cedar Point boasts […]