Geauga Lake is a Disaster: 5/24/2020

I had this crazy idea to drive out to Geauga Lake for the longest time. Today, I finally acted on that idea. I just wanted to drive around without trespassing onto property at all, because that’s not only illegal, it is also extremely dangerous. I wasn’t expecting to see much, maybe just some trees and […]

Hooray for Hollywood!

On May 1st, Hollywood Studios celebrated its 30th Anniversary. Recently, I added two of my friends to Theme Park Doctor’s Facebook page as contributors. I worked with my first contributor, Meagan Jacobs, at Cedar Point, and she also completed the Disney College Program. Currently, she works at Space Mountain in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. […]

The Off Season

It’s dreaded, but it always comes if you’re not living in a southernmost state. The off-season refers to the period of time that a theme park is closed, usually due to the cold weather. Even though northern parks in the Six Flags and Cedar Fair chains now have successful holiday offerings, once the new year […]

A Legacy Like No Other: Book Review

Recently, I finished the book “Always Cedar Point: A Memoir of the Midway.” This wasn’t just a book, however. This was an experience. The book was written by a former General Manager of Cedar Point, John Hildebrandt. John worked as a marketer at Cedar Point, eventually being promoted to Director of Marketing, GM of Dorney […]

Coaster of the Week: Loch Ness Monster

Park: Busch Gardens Williamsburg (Williamsburg, VA) Height: 130 ft. Speed: 60 mph. Length: 3,240 ft. Inversions: 2 Year opened: 1978 Type: Steel, Custom looping Manufacturer: Arrow Dynamics, S&S Worldwide trains Fun facts: -Loch Ness Monster is the only roller coaster in the world with two interlocking loops. -The coaster recently celebrated its 40th anniversary with […]

Coaster of the Week: Steel Dragon 2000

Park: Nagashima Spa Land (Kuwana, Mie Prefecture, Japan) Height: 318 ft. Speed: 95 mph. Length: 8,133 ft. Inversions: 0 Year opened: 2000 Type: Steel, Giga Manufacturer: D.H. Morgan Manufacturing, B&M trains Fun facts: Steel Dragon is the longest roller coaster in the world.