Disney Parks Ticket Prices on the Rise: Good or Bad?

Disney Parks are getting pricier- not very magical, but is it necessary? According to a fortune.com article, ticket prices are expected to rise at all parks, with a large increase at Disneyland specifically. When attendance goes up (which it did 6% last quarter), so do the prices. However, attendance doesn’t seem to be consistent at […]

Communication Off the Rails: Christmas Taping

Select Disney cast members are able to get tickets to attend concert recordings at the Magic Kingdom for the holiday TV specials¬†(The actual parades take place at Disneyland in California.) I was selected to be in the audience for a day of taping. Even though I was simply expecting a concert-like atmosphere, I ended up […]

Communication on the Rails: Audience Control

When guests visit Walt Disney World, they visit from all over the world. Many of them become lost, confused, tired, excited, and any other state of mind or emotion. To help ease guest tension, monorail operators have a specific role designation known as “audience control.” Audience control (A/C) is a unique role, since monorail operators […]

Magic In The Parks: Magic Kingdom #1

Welcome to the “Magic In The Parks” series on Hannah In The Parks! Magic In The Parks will include my adventures at Walt Disney World during my Disney College Program in the fall of 2016. The first park that I decided to visit was Magic Kingdom the day after my Disney Traditions class on August […]

Festival of Fantasy Friday

Pic credit: nathanb626 on Instagram Away we go…it’s a Festival of Fantasy appreciation post! I’ve been wanting to make this post for a really long time, and now it’s finally happening. Cheers to the parade that makes you feel like you’re literally in about a dozen movies at once…movies that go as far from the […]