Geauga Lake is a Disaster: 5/24/2020

I had this crazy idea to drive out to Geauga Lake for the longest time. Today, I finally acted on that idea. I just wanted to drive around without trespassing onto property at all, because that’s not only illegal, it is also extremely dangerous. I wasn’t expecting to see much, maybe just some trees and […]

Hooray for Hollywood!

On May 1st, Hollywood Studios celebrated its 30th Anniversary. Recently, I added two of my friends to Theme Park Doctor’s Facebook page as contributors. I worked with my first contributor, Meagan Jacobs, at Cedar Point, and she also completed the Disney College Program. Currently, she works at Space Mountain in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. […]

A Legacy Like No Other: Book Review

Recently, I finished the book “Always Cedar Point: A Memoir of the Midway.” This wasn’t just a book, however. This was an experience. The book was written by a former General Manager of Cedar Point, John Hildebrandt. John worked as a marketer at Cedar Point, eventually being promoted to Director of Marketing, GM of Dorney […]