Communication on the Rails: Teamwork

Monorail operators are very rarely alone while on the job, and teamwork is heavily incorporated in our role. As monorail cast members, we rely on each other to safely and efficiently bring guests to their desired destinations. Our constant reliance on each other and small numbers have led us to being a very tight-knit community. […]

Communication on the Rails: Challenges

Working on the monorail platform is a different job every day. While the job tasks generally never change, certain circumstances often arise in which the task or situation must be adapted to accommodate for them. For example, a train might go out of service or a guest may need special assistance. When these circumstances arise, […]

Communication on the Rails: Working at Base

Just like regular employees, Disney College Program participants in the transportation department maintain regular schedules, have regular days off, and are scheduled at the same place within the same time frame. For example, I am nearly always at the Magic Kingdom monorail platform or audience control at night Thursdays through Mondays. However, there is sometimes […]