The Off Season

It’s dreaded, but it always comes if you’re not living in a southernmost state. The off-season refers to the period of time that a theme park is closed, usually due to the cold weather. Even though northern parks in the Six Flags and Cedar Fair chains now have successful holiday offerings, once the new year […]

Coaster of the Week: Storm Chaser

Park: Kentucky Kingdom (Louisville, KY) Height: 100 ft. Speed: 52 mph. Length: 2,744 ft. Inversions: 3 Year opened: 2016 Type: Steel, RMC iBox, Out-and-Back layout Manufacturer: Rocky Mountain Construction (RMC) Fun fact: *Storm Chaser is a refurbished version of the dueling wooden coaster Twisted Twins. *Image by

Disney Parks Ticket Prices on the Rise: Good or Bad?

Disney Parks are getting pricier- not very magical, but is it necessary? According to a article, ticket prices are expected to rise at all parks, with a large increase at Disneyland specifically. When attendance goes up (which it did 6% last quarter), so do the prices. However, attendance doesn’t seem to be consistent at […]

Wildwater Kingdom-8/5/15

This was my first time at Wildwater Kingdom. To be quite honest, I didn’t know what to expect. I knew they closed the nearby Geauga Lake amusement park years ago after big-name entertainment companies such as Six Flags, Sea World, and Cedar Fair attempted to take a handle at operating it. Since Cedar Fair kept […]