Coaster of the Week: Storm Chaser

Park: Kentucky Kingdom (Louisville, KY) Height: 100 ft. Speed: 52 mph. Length: 2,744 ft. Inversions: 3 Year opened: 2016 Type: Steel, RMC iBox, Out-and-Back layout Manufacturer: Rocky Mountain Construction (RMC) Fun fact: *Storm Chaser is a refurbished version of the dueling wooden coaster Twisted Twins. *Image by

Disney Parks Ticket Prices on the Rise: Good or Bad?

Disney Parks are getting pricier- not very magical, but is it necessary? According to a article, ticket prices are expected to rise at all parks, with a large increase at Disneyland specifically. When attendance goes up (which it did 6% last quarter), so do the prices. However, attendance doesn’t seem to be consistent at […]

Wildwater Kingdom-8/5/15

This was my first time at Wildwater Kingdom. To be quite honest, I didn’t know what to expect. I knew they closed the nearby Geauga Lake amusement park years ago after big-name entertainment companies such as Six Flags, Sea World, and Cedar Fair attempted to take a handle at operating it. Since Cedar Fair kept […]